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Pam sources her leathers from all over the world with the majority of her tanneries being in Europe. She uses primarily vegetable tan leather for all her sandals. Vegetable tan leather is a full grain leather, which is the highest grade, most natural leather available. It is unique in that it uses organic tannins instead of harsh chemicals to treat the leather. The result is a beautifully rich, durable leather that ages gracefully with time. While Pam takes time to choose and carefully inspect every hide she uses, small markings and color differences are natural and a distinct characteristic of full grain leathers.

Veg tan leather allows for a more personal product, the patina created by daily wear is constantly evolving and is unique to each person. Sunlight will help to naturally darken the leather to a warm, buttery tan color. Regular wear + oil application will soften the leather and mold to your feet.







Every sandal is handmade by Pam in her studio workshop in NYC. No machines are used, every detail is taken into consideration as Pam handcrafts each individual sandal order. It starts with large, high quality cow hides, hours of meticulous crafting, and ends with a pair of elegant, superbly-made, one of a kind pair of sandals.

PAM LEFT PAM RIGHT is primarily run on a made-to-order basis. In an effort to reduce waste, Pam has chosen to make each sandal herself rather than produce in a factory. This way, she only produces what is being ordered and is never left with large bulk production quantities and the pressure to move product. Without the constraints of a factory production schedule or minimums, Pam is able to experiment and develop new styles constantly, as they can be instantly available for purchase.

Make sure to check back on our site for new styles being updated constantly!