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Vegetable tan leather is generally considered a naked, "untreated" leather so it is prone to cracking + staining if not cared for properly. All sandals are lightly coated with conditioner cream + light waterproofing before shipping out to the leather hydrated + to help repel stains and dirt. It is important to properly care for the leather as needed so that your sandals will last!

 Constant exposure to sunlight will darken the leather. If you wish to keep the lighter natural color of the leather, we suggest storing inside the provided dust bag. It is not recommended to wear vegetable tan leather in rain as direct exposure to water tends to create dark splotches on the leather.



Vegetable tan leather can be wiped down gently with a slightly damp (not wet!) towel. Mild saddle soap or castille soap can also be used.



Make sure that the leather is completely dry before applying any oils or creams. There are a variety of products available to moisturize leather such as mink oil (for a richer red tone), neatsfoot oil (for a lighter yellowish tone), or other conditioning creams. Make sure that they are suitable for natural vegetable tan leathers. Apply thin coats, buff gently with a clean rag or towel, and allow to dry completely before applying additional coats.

*Please note that application of ANY oils or creams WILL darken the leather. 


For best results, please consult your neighborhood professional leather care shop.